Runes Yellow Aventurine Set

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Runes Yellow Aventurine Set includes Yellow Aventurine Set Runes stones Printed pouch and Basic Information booklet. .
YELLOW AVENTURINE RUNES SET Beautiful Handcarved Runes set with Yellow aventurine crystals . The golden symbols on crystals are engraved - and not just painted on the surface. Runes are not all about reading your future; they are also about connecting with your inner wisdom. They can allow you to tune into your own thoughts helping you to find the answers in the runes that you already know in your subconscious. By working with crystal runes you are benefiting from the energy of the crystals to help you to connect to your higher self and to open up your awareness. This can give you a clearer view of a situation or problem that you would like to explore through the Runes.
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